“Your message from the Angels”

People say

Atsmona Raz – Real astate
When I came to you I was very sad and disturbed by my economic state that for unknown reasons went through dramatic ups and downs. Truly, I came with lot’s of curiosity and suspicions, and despite of all the fears and my inner walls, amazing things happened. My joy of life came back, I lost weight without any diet.
I became happy and full of energy, focused on my goals.
My relationship with my son has become wonderful and he himself has gone through an unbelievable change!
I have rebuilt myself and my business. I have wonderful business deals, many new high quality costumers, lots of great feedback and appreciation for my work.

There is nothing so rewarding, at any level, like the journey I am taking with you.
My financial and business goals have been fulfilled as well as the shift in the quality of my life!”

Orli yagar – family Therapist
“In three months!!! From not knowing at all how to generate my career,
to a new apartment in a new area, two new working places that give me complete freedom. I’m full of energy!
The work with Tami is for people who want to go through a change fast!
Her depth and authenticity won my heart. Her absolute accuracy in seeing the right issues to deal with at every stage of the process is just amazing.” – Business Owner
I wanted to share what has happened since our talk last week.
Everything was opened! My life, the world. The control over my life has returned.
The joy and amazing energies have returned. I’m sharp, focused, happy, understanding and having the capacity to embrace what is happening.
There are no words to describe the help you brought into my life.
I thank God who led me to you. I changed so many things in one week!
I left my work as an employee, I built a business plan for my new business,
I minimized debts, and I give a lot to the people around me who enjoy me in my best.
Thank you. Thank you so much.

Lisa Brander – Senior maneger- Hightech
I felt like a ballistic missile! Knowing where it’s going and where it will arrive. I don’t think that I would have been able to make such great strides in such a short time all by myself. Shooting straight up, instead of spending 10 years searching. It’s a huge difference!“

Sigal Avital
“Something amazing has just happened!
For over two years I’ve been trying again and again to apply for a senior position in a municipal council.
It seemed as if I had no chance at all.

This week, only a week after we began working together, I was chosen for a very high position in one of the leading municipal councils.
This job is perfect for me. I could only dream of it. I’m so excited and happy!
The gap between were I am now, and two months ago is unreal. Its hard to describe. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Tami dear. In the last summer I attended your lecture. I enjoyed every minute, and the most important thing, ever since I’ve been experiencing abundance. I have no explanation for it!
I donate part of it so others can enjoy it too. Thank you thank you and thank you.”

Efrat Haber

“Dear Tami, you teach with so much love, power and modesty. I already attended a few of
your lectures and seminars, heard your audio programs and I must tell you, Its its amazing!!! How is it possible that in five different lectures of yours you never repeat yourself?! Each time you teach a completely new thing. The feeling is that one shouldn’t miss a word. The next word is already a new treasure. In a relatively short time I’ve learned  so much from you.
You deliver your knowledge in such a pleasant and authentic way, without any pretension, and a lot of credibility. I just want to buy more and more from your endless knowledge. Thank you. You give me and everyone so much. I’m really happy that I met you. What a dear and amazing woman. With deep appreciation.”     

Aviv Kopler

“Thank you so much for the marketing seminar.
You gave me tips that are worth millions!
I changed a lot of my attitudes, the way I present my business offer to my costumers, the descriptions of my services on the website and more. Your personal talk with me right at the end was so right on. A great thank you!
I can feel that I’m taking a huge leap forward.”

Katush – Jewelry Artist
Crazy amount of energy! I’m in love with my work, goal oriented achievement, and there is a change in my sleeping habits. I’m awake and work for hours with full energy. For years I asked God for more energy, and it always came bit by bit, This week its pouring!”

Irit Zaltzberg – Healer & Writer
“Today I signed a contract with a publisher for my first book!
So many thanks for your precious support. Like always, you are so helpful.
I’m on the highway to success now.”

Ayala Ori – Dietician
I’m so moved by your seminar.
What a deep transformation I went through, in only several hours!”

Hnita Tzarfati – Holistic Therapy for women
You’re so knowledgeable ! Thank you for a very powerful class.
You are such an inspiration and a great life mentor.
Thank you again and again.”

Heut Ron
Thank you for this lecture.
I received new insights and you certainly helped me to make a decision.”

“The course was a rare experience for me, not something you meet every day.

I’ll remember it forever. I wish you all the blessings for your life mission.
You are spreading light in this world. With deep appreciation.”

Shai Sahar
I finished the Money seminar with a great feeling.
Awake, refreshed, full of energy and ready for action.
The teaching was very focused, direct and practical.
Exactly directed to the issues that needed to be handled and acted upon.”

Eden Doshsinski
Every thing you said in the lecture was clear.
The simplicity in your explanations amazed me.
Things that had looked complicated became simple and easy to implement.”

Naama Saban
A big thank you for your seminar. I enjoyed it a lot.
It refreshed my thinking and general approach to just everything.
Already the next working day I felt different, more focused.
Regarding my actual doing I would say a miracle had happened.
both in my energy and also in the feedback I got.
I can’t wait to continue the learning…”

Orna Bat David – Working in harmony with your body
The changes inside of me happened on unexpected levels. It was amazing! So immediate, simple and effective! Exactly what was needed.
Thank you so much”

This class was incredible! It is so uncommon to give so much value for free.
A real inspiration!“

Yulia Gross – Facebook Marketing
Your business seminar was a real pleasure.
You teaching is pleasant and powerful. It was excellent.
I got so many insights which opened my mind.”

Yurits Eiv – Art director
“Wow! incredible! I didn’t expect such a powerful experience.
So real and true, Full of energy and money.
Before I have never realized that these things go tougher, money and truth.”

Rafi Yahalom –
“Suddenly I understood that for several years
I was looking for the solution in the wrong places.
Thank you for that”

“From the moment I saw you on T.V I knew you would be very mindful for my life.
I was right.
you’re a servant of light; Powerful, sharp, clear, sensitive, Inspiring!
I wish to go the way that you have gone yourself:
with Integrity, honesty, happiness and pure generosity.
I’m here to learn from you, with awe of the place one can get to.”

Aviva Cohen – Accountant
“That is amazing! In four days I’m doing something I wanted to do for years!
And its not that I haven’t tried different methods…”

Erez Ben-shoham – Israeli Academy for E-studies
“immediately I felt the uniqueness of this lady.
It feels as if she walks where she wants.
All of her strides open the way as if there are no limits.
In several hours hundred of clicks to her E-classes. Whoo…!!”

Keren – Business owner
I was stuck financially and I knew that the blockage was somehow in me.
Right from the first class its hard to describe in words the change that took place.
I started to breathe, to be more present.
My self confidence has grown.
If I truly adapt what I got here to everyday life, yes, its life changing!
I never imagined what I could get in your seminar.
This seminar is a must”

Liron Rosbi – Artist & Teacher
Thank you for directing me with such clarity.
It’s so much easier now to create out of focused and aware choice.
Something has opened in my mind and creativity.
Also practically I have many more business phone calls.
Every time I’m in a junction in my life, You are there.
You gave me the courage and the legitimation for the professional direction I’m taking, towards the best place for me

Estee Rogow – Real astate
I now have control over my life. Things don’t happened anymore for no reason…
Tami leads you in a way that helps you to discover your endless inner richness.
She is so accurate. And she always is totally present in the here and now.
That is powerful.
I get everything, self development, knowledge,
removal of inner blindness that blocked my way,
I get here my life! It’s a must for everyone to try.

Oren Steinberg – Business owner
I wrote you a letter of thanks, however words cannot adequately describe
my feelings after your consultation.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and you are welcome to put this letter on the website in the hope that as many people as possible can get help from you.

Most of the time when a person is looking for help for themselves,
to heal their pain, or to answer a twinge in their heart,
they tend to run from therapist to therapist without knowing
if it can be remedied or helped at all.
We cannot see, detect or understand how to use the tools at our disposal.

A strong “gut” feeling told me that I could benefit from your consultation
and indeed I was not wrong.
The change in feeling was immediate, and indescribable
A sense of wonder has accompanied me ever since,
but also a new feeling of significant relief, of repair.

Therefore, I strongly recommend to anyone, in any situation,
to give themselves a meaningful gift like this and to experience consultation with you.

Again, thank you. Thank you very much!”

Rozin Rosenbloom – Online Marketing Expert

About two weeks after starting the course,
I heard whispers about one of my students being a well-known spiritual personality.
Of course I was curious and I checked it out and discovered that it was Tami Yaari,
who is also called “The One with the Power,”
I admit that when I found out that one of my students was a persona
of international renown, I was pretty suspicious.
But very quickly, Tami proved to be one of the most brilliant,
serious and skilled students on the business team.

Later on she also joined my advisory team, and thus my familiarity with her deepened,
and I discovered an amazing woman.
Honest, generous and free of pretension,
attached to her purpose at a high level with sharp observations
that always leaves me open-mouthed.

Apparently, she is not called “The One with the Power” for nothing.
So I really have no idea how she does it,
and I decided to agree to live with not knowing,
but the bottom line is, she helps people to bring about an
amazing transformation in their lives, and that’s what matters.”

Fania Naftali – Entrepreneur
The thing that I was lacking most-self-love and self-worth,
the treasure is located in the correct place…
it is incredible that one does not have to dig for years…in an instant!
Who would have thought that money, which for me was separated from the development…
is what would bring all my thoughts and dreams to actuality.

I totally recommend her to any person, who has become tired of their patterns and blockages.”

Michal Eshed – Attorney & Teacher
I was looking for an answer to something,
and every answer I found was insufficient for me, and I felt it just wasn’t right…
and then I came to Tami.
And as soon as I met her my life began to change.
She is an amazing person!
And the change she made in me, no one else was able to.”

Naomi Nishri – Education
I wanted to share with you the feelings I have felt
during the process which I am undergoing in the economic leverage program,
a feeling of joy, optimism, great faith and above all gratitude.
Gratitude that we have already succeeded half the way through,
and at the speed of light!
After the phone call between us, I started getting invitations for job interviews.
The phone calls, that for a long time I had not received at all were like a true miracle.
A huge thank you!!!“

Meira Marom – Senior nurse
I came to the seminar to do something in order to earn money,
but along the way it has improved my whole life. Thank you”

Simple words might miss the size of my appreciation and gratitude to you.
At each of our sessions you helped me focus on the next goal and the next step.
My life got a whole new direction, true, accurate and real.
I learned to bring light, good energy and true happiness into my life.

The training I was privileged to receive from you is so precise.
You have guided me on a never-ending but accurate path,
the path of truth to which there is nothing purer and right.
Thank you, Tami for the light, guidance, direction, for everything!
You have changed my life.”

Pazit Avital – Preschool School Owner
I was very surprised that a person who was not me, could see such deep, ancient internal things. Tami doesn’t leave the power for her, rather she empowers everyone to reveal the answers and the power within themselves. She leads a way where everyone can take what is the best for them. Tami is the Mentor for people who are ready to meet themselves.”

Ilan Brander  – Education
“Tami Yaari is a gifted teacher.
For me, studying with her was an eye and heart-opening experience.
With simplicity and sensitivity Tami knows,
for everyone who chooses to light up their life and move forward,
how to open doors of understanding and tools for change.
This is a recommendation for anyone interested in changing their lives
through the power of love and truth!”

Lihi Elroei
“Like waving a magic wand in less than one hour there was a transformation of feelings!
At the beginning of the class I experienced fear, doubt and heart pangs.
But soon they were replaced by a sense of security and calmness.
Self assurance replaced the inner voices of fear and doubt.
Thank you very much.”

Nimrod Bargia
“I didn’t want to leave the hall at the end of your lecture.
There was so much energy there.
It’s the second time you moved me to tears.

The first time was in our conversation when you pulled me out of the corner I ran to,
into the “success team”. I actually cried from happiness.
Today in your lecture, in the “looking back at the passing year” exercise,
I was so happy that I wanted to cry again,
but I didn’t want to miss any of your words. I deeply thank you.”

“Hi Tami, In our work together you touched the main issues gently and tuned me greatly. E
since I’ve released many emotions from my childhood,
and finally am ready to break out of the delusions I lived in.
I’m not afraid anymore from power nor from being so vulnerable.
The world is responding right away:
New clients arriving at my door without changing anything in the publishing
and my internet shops are making more money!
Thank you!”